Vincent Academy of Pathology

Interactive Diagnostic Courses in surgical pathology

Interactive Diagnostic Courses in surgical pathology; Fellowship and Observership Programs

Farid Moinfar, MD

International Reference Center for Breast & Gynecologic Pathology


Scientific projects dealing with breast, and gynecological tumors

Continuous Improvement in Pathology

The three pillars of the Vincent Academy of Pathology

Vincent Academy of Pathology (VAP) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in January 2016. The main goals of the VAP are education, consultation, and research in the field of pathology.

The academy works closely with national and international pathology departments and medical faculties. Several international experts collaborate with the academy and provide diagnostic courses for practicing pathologists and pathologists in training.


The Department of Pathology (Vincent Pathology, Linz) is an international referral center for breast and gynecologic pathology and provides consultation service for reaching an expert second opinion.

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