One of the main purposes of the academy is to organize a variety of interactive diagnostic courses for practicing pathologists as well as pathologists in training. Participants of the courses are encouraged to actively share their opinions, comments, and experiences about the discussed cases.

The courses (will) cover almost all diagnostic specialties of surgical pathology including pathology of

  • breast, female and male genital organs
  • skin, soft-tissue, endocrine organs
  • bone marrow and lymph nodes
  • gastrointestinal organs
  • urological organs
  • head and neck
  • lung and mediastinum
  • pathology of infectious diseases

Diagnostic courses for cytopathology (gynecologic and non-gynecologic cytology) and molecular pathology/biology will be offered in the future.

The participants usually will have the opportunity to review the digitized cases by using virtual microscopy at least four weeks prior to the courses. For certain diagnostic courses (breast, gyn) pathologists will have the opportunity to review the cases by using conventional microscopes during the courses (the digitized cases will not be available prior to certain courses).

For all courses, the cases will be digitized and the participant will have the chance to review the discussed cases again for four weeks after the courses.

Diagnostic postgraduate pathology courses